Specialists in Digital Marketing, Branding, IT Infrastructure and Business Software.

At Cog we offer our customers a wide range of expertise in IT hardware, business software, website design, digital marketing as well as brand development, strategy and positioning. Our mix of creative skills and technical expertise allow us to provide customers with a complete service and consultancy on all aspects of IT and marketing.


We work with customers to identify aims and targets in terms of sales, brand awareness and brand exposure. We implement cost effective marketing strategies that utilise all available platforms.

Our designers and user experience specialists will ensure accuracy in reaching target demographics and consistent positioning and identity across all media.


We analyse business processes and information workflows to identify areas which could be improved or optimised. Efficiency of both administration and sales can be greatly improved with suitable and intelligent business management software.

We offer complete solutions all the way down to the hardware. We can provide and configure servers, IT infrastructure and networks to facilitate swift and clean system migrations regardless of scale.

We offer a range of hardware and software from a multiple vendors as well as bespoke web, app and software development. Our consultants offer unbiased and objective advice on all products and strategies.